Returned goods

According to Italian law, as stated in art. 64 of consumer code (D.lgs 206/2005), the consumer (that is, the individual who purchases goods or services for purposes not related to their professional activity) has the right to rescind the contract, without penalty and without the need to specify the reason, within 14 working days, expect under conditions established in Italian law, art. 64 commi 3,4, and 5.

Instructions for returned goods in cases covered by the Consumer Code

According to the cases covered by the Consumer Code, the consumer has the faculty to rescind the contract, according to the terms and timings covered in this section.

Whenever the customer wants to make use of the returned goods clause, they will have to, within 13 working days from the delivery date (in case of multiple deliveries, from the date of the last partial delivery), send an appropriate message via mail to:, stating as "Subject" the following: RETURNING GOODS FOR ORDER, followed by the order number, ie. RETURNING GOODS FOR ORDER 1009866. Under these conditions, the consumer will have to return the Hermes Store goods to the following address, within 13 working days from the delivery date:

Hermes Articoli Sportivi 

Di Capasso Carmela

Via San Giuliano, N236

Marcianise (CE)


The goods integrity is an essential condition to make use of the returned goods rights. It is sufficient that the returned goods will be in a normal preservation status, without them having been worn and with the warranty seal intact.

Instructions for extended returned goods rights covered by the Consumer Code

Upon the expiration date of 13 working days for the returned goods rights covered by the Consumer Code, the consumer will retain the faculty to rescind the contract for the following 20 days. The returned goods rights, as stated above, cannot be exercised by the consumer in cases of Gift Cards purchases, and neither in relation to goods that, by design, are not eligible for return, such as opened cosmetic products.

In all cases stated beforehand, whenever the consumer wants to exercise the returned goods rights, products will have to be returned according to the following conditions:

- correctly sealed in the original package, so that they may be sold again (ie: not worn, damaged or dirty), complete with eventual extra accessories, instructions for usage and documentation;

- provided with the transport document (included in the original package), so that can correctly identify the consumer (order number, first name, last name, address);

- without any usage signs, except those compatible with a regular goods tryout. As such, the products must not show any traces of a prolonged usage (over a few minutes), exceeding that of a regular tryout and must not be in a state that would prevent their resale.

- in cases of an order paid with COD (cash-on-delivery, Italy exclusive), the price related to the shipping costs will be detracted from the price. Furthermore, the customer must attach a paper with the following data inside the package: 





*REFUND METHOD: BANK WIRE (specify first name and last name of the payee, IBAN and destination bank)

Whenever the returned Hermes Store product doesn't conform to the above conditions, the recess won't take place.

Goods exchange

The first goods exchange costs €8 (€10 from the 2nd one onwards). During the last sale days (even for the last sizes on sale) we will NOT accept exchanges or returns anymore!

PROCEDURE for the 1st goods exchange (within 13 working days)

Se si desidera effettuare un cambio è necessario inviare una e-mail all’indirizzo, indicando:

If you want to exchange a product for another one it's mandatory to send an e-mail to the following address:, indicating:

- Order number

- Item to exchange

- Item and its size to replace the item to exchange

We encourage you to check the availability of the requested size for the new item on, before sending us the email.

The steps for goods exchanges are fast and easy. Here's how it works:

After having agreed with us to proceed with the goods exchange, please prepare the items to be exchanged in a bag (possibly using the original shipping bag, where the address is already present), with the following data written on:

Hermes Articoli Sportivi 

Di Capasso Carmela

Via San Giuliano, N236

Marcianise (CE)


Our express courier will send you the new goods and, upon delivery, it will take the package with the goods to be returned to us.

Each item will have to be returned with all the labels, packaging and original accessories received along with the order, and neither has to be damaged.

Hermes Store will NOT accept returned goods if the procedure for returning doesn't comply with all the terms and conditions indicated in our returns policy. In such cases, the goods will be returned to sender at the original delivery address, and the customer will be CHARGED FOR THAT SHIPPING.

Warning! If the product price that you want to replace has changed compared to when you placed your order, the price difference won't be refunded, whether it's a return or a size change.