Bank wire: By choosing payment via bank wire, upon order competion the customer will automatically receive a confirmation message containing Hermes Store's bank coordinates, following which the goods will be reserved while waiting for the payment to be received. The customer must, therefore, send a copy of the payment receipt via e-mail, within 6 hours of the order confirmation. If within this time span Hermes Store has not received the payment receipt via-email, the order will be canceled. The order will begin processing once the bank wire will have processed and payment will have reached our bank account.

Payment via Paypal: By choosing Paypal as payment method, the customer can directly pay through their Paypal account or with any credit card.

COD (Cash-On-Delivery): This service, exclusive to Italy, will require a fixed fee of €5. Payment will be made with cash upon delivery (our express courier does NOT accept checks and doesn't give change). In the events that the delivery of goods with a payment done with this service won't have a positive outcome due to causes attributable to the customer, Hermes Store reserves the right not to process an eventual subsequent order with the same payment method.